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  1. Pool & Spa Drains
    There will always come a time in the cycle of your pool or spa when the water will need to be drained and refilled. We offer a variety of services to facilitate the process as well as provide chlorine washes or spa cleanings.
  1. Draining, Refilling & Cleaning
    Periodic draining of swimming pool water is a common maintenance practice. It is routinely performed to remove water that has become hard or laden with excessive minerals or to perform needed repairs to a pool. Drain Pool & Refill $175.00 Drain Pool & Refill w/Filter Clean $255.00 Drain, Clean & Refill In-Ground Spa $200.00 (Includes chemical start-up only) Drain, Clean & Refill In-Ground Spa $250.00 (Includes filter clean & chemical start-up) Drain, Clean & Refill Above-Ground Spa $175.00 (includes filter clean & chemical start-up)
  1. Chlorine Wash
    If a pool is attacked by a severe algae problem, especially one that is caused by black algae. Draining and chlorine-washing the whole pool is the best remedy. Chlorine Wash Pool & Spa $395.00 Pool Only $295.00 Spa Only $195.00
  1. Mastic Replacement
    Mastic is used to seal the expansion joint between the pool coping and pool decking. it provides a firm, flexible, weather tight seal. Replace Mastic $9 per lineal foot For more information on this product and it's application call us at 760 753 0042.
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